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If players have any objection against tap4fun games or customer service, please email any relevant material or information to: support奖多多彩票3967751500000 for further support.

How to deal with disputes among players:

When disputes occur among players but fail to be resolve by consensus, players can contact customer service within the game to coordinate.If you are temporarily unable to reach customer service, email us at: support奖多多彩票3967751500000
Project Introduction

Helpful gaming tips from relevant organizations/committees/associations of China
With the popularity of the Internet among teenagers, it is very common that minors will play Internet games. To protect minors, parents should supervise and guide children in addition to the government's management in this field. We hereby provide the following suggestions for minors who play Internet games:

1. Control your online time. Gaming is only a simple relief from your study and daily life. Participate enthusiastically in in your real life, off-line activities and have your parents understood your Internet gaming behaviour and experiences.
2. Avoid games which waste too much time, like MMORPG or Player Killing games. Students at school should spend no more than 2 hours weekly and spend no more than 10 RMB monthly.
3. Never use games to replace your spiritual sustenance. Talk with families and friends when you are stressed or experience setbacks.
4. Cultivate an active and healthy gaming mindset, avoiding comparisons, flaunting, hatred, revenge, etc. Avoid unhealthy network behaviour and habits like bullying or robbery.
5. Protect you personal information, including that of your family, friends, school, company address, telephone, etc. Take precautions against network traps and cybercrime.

If you are bothered by your kids' gaming situation and plan to apply for supervision, the procedure is:

Guardian sends application -> CS receives materials -> Return visits -> Account affiliation decision -> (1. Account matched -> Supervision available; 2. Account not matched -> Inform parents and get account back)

Supervision Service Application

Download and fill in Guardian Supervision Service Application for Tap4fun Minor Players
Warm tip: When you are sending us an application by post, please remember to attach the following materials:
Attachment 1: ID (social security number) of applicant as well as its copy
Attachment 2: ID (social security number) of respondent as well as its copy
Attachment 3: The legal documentation to verify the guardian relationship (registration book or other legal valid files)
Company operation address: #302, 3rd Floor, Building 3, District A, No.1129, Century City Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu, China
Postcode: 610041
Project-dedicated telephone: 02aa00085185301
Project-dedicated fax: 02aa00085185301

Kiss of war

Exhilarating FPS challenge that gets your heart beating faster!Control beauty agents under a hail of bullets to search and destroy targets!Grow and thrive in the war, create guilds and invite global players to fight against evil enemies!

Sea Game

Only a real hero can conquer these islands!
In Sea Game, you will explore the vast ocean in a brand new way!
This is not a place of peace, at least not as long as the Hydra exists!
Defeat them to bring peace back!
It's an era of legends, but the immortal hydra is forever a nightmare to the whole world.
Construct a fleet in the base and collect mysterious ancient treasure to enhance your backup reinforcement. Or we can create an Alliance, and become the lord of the ocean with the help of friends!
Always remember that we have choices. We can show mercy by helping the aborigines and save them from danger or we can crush our enemies and make the world tremble!
Now it's time to get the Totem and sail to the peak of power, commander!

Brutal Age

Building Outposts, expanding territory and competing with players from all over the world together to build a powerful Horde! In this free MMO strategy game.
You can experience the primitive huntings and intensive fights between players!
Unite with your Clan or Horde mates and join the feast of prehistoric hunting. Enjoy the fun!
You can expand your territory freely and burn enemies' Outposts, which get in your way, to ashes!
With high proportion zooming support, players can have a full view of the map and check every detail easily.
Unique Horde Skills for each horde! Enjoy the intense battle with players from all over the world!
15 types of soldiers. Train your soldiers and use their skills to build a powerful army. Let's see how your strategy works!
Terraform your territory and harvest the resources that you are always desperate for!
Catch and hunt prehistoric beasts to get abundant rewards.
For the honor of your Horde! Occupy the Temple and win the title of Warchief!


Supports 16 languages, global servers, monopoly or competition!
On this chaos modern battlefield, you need to unite guildmates to survive!
Delicate 3D realistic style, passionate and creative gameplay, magnificent scenes.
You will be attracted by each detail; you will unite players of your country as a guild to resist invaders from other guilds, and experience the fiercest, most realistic real-time online military wars!
A Real-time audio translation system, to help you freely communicate with global players.
Contend for limited resources on the map, defeat evil terrorists, deal with different rival powers, strengthen yourself and your guild. Hold power as the governor, and lead other commanders for a larger battle field!

《Invasion》probability publication

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